Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Snail Shredding

If I had even the faintest shade of musical talent, and 800 extra dollars lying around, I would have to own this snail ukulele. I don't think I've revealed this to you guys yet, but I love snails. LOVE them. I mean, just look at this super cute snail head!

And that delicate curved shell body!  

All made into a fully-functioning ukulele! Given the opportunity, I would shred that snail SO HARD! This uke and many more (check out this adorable apple!) are handcrafted to order in Asheville, NC by Paul Celentano of Celentano Woodworks. And! He can do custom orders as well! 
"If you can dream it. Let's build it!"
Hmm...I'm thinking a birdcage could be cool! With some escaped birds perched on the neck? 
Or! A drippy popsicle! A dartboard! OK, I'm literally looking around my own living room for ideas. But the possibilities are endless! What could you think up? 

- Cathleen 

1 comment:

  1. This is so neat! Leave it to someone from NC to be extremely awesome.

    PS I think my first memory of meeting you involved a discussion of how amazing snails are.


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