Thursday, August 9, 2012

Century of the Child

From now until November 5, 2012 MoMA is showing an exhibition titled Century of the Child
The exhibition traces the history of children from around the world through the toys they play with and the items they interact with on a regular basis. 
The show features the years from 1900 to 2000. 

The exhibit is broken up into seven sections and each decade has its own title and theme. 

1900's-1910's theme is: New Century, New Child, New Art

Froebel Gift 2
C. 1890

1910's-1920's: Avant-Garde Playtime

Child's Wheelbarrow
Gerrit Rietveld (same guy who designed Red Blue Chair) 

1920's-1930's: Light, Air, Health

Children During a Light-Therapy Session

1920's-1940's: Children and the Body Politic

SAKAMPF Board Game

1940's-1960's: Regeneration

Rooftop Kindergarten 
Le Corbusier and Blanche Lemco Van Ginkel 

1960's-1990's: Power Play

Holdraketa and Original Box
c. 1960

1960's-2000's: Designing Better Worlds

School in a Box

The exhibition site looks amazing on its own. 

This is one exhibition catalog I MUST order. 

- Grace

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