Monday, August 20, 2012

Artwork of the Week: a man's nape. with ears.

a man's nape. with ears. by Robyn B. West
4 x 5" print (w/ 1" border) of original painting, $12 via smiling robyn on Etsy

A girl named Mary Stork used to draw pencil portraits of the backs of people's heads during class in my high school. Whomever was sitting in the desk in front of her was a captive audience, at least until the period ended, and by the time we graduated she had done all of the girls in our grade. I found the portraits to be just as revealing as the face-first variety—everyone had their own distinctive hairstyle, with their mother-of-pearl barrettes clipping up curls or the way they pulled their ponytail into a bun with a fan of fringe that always flared off to the right. I so wish that I got my own portrait to keep. For some reason I have Marita Horvath's (on a torn piece of paper somewhere), but it's definitely one of my favorite fragments from my time at the Oakcrest College Preparatory School for Girls.   

Searching for something comparable online, I found the above portrait by Robyn B. West that I thought was quite nice. You can see more of Robyn's work in her Etsy shop here.

- Cathleen 

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