Thursday, August 2, 2012

Barnett Newman's Stations of the Cross

The National Gallery of Art in D.C. has an amazing collection of works by Barnett Newman. 
My favorite works by Newman that the museum has are his Stations of the Cross. 

The first Station of the Cross is Jesus is Condemned to Death. 
Here's Newman's first station:
First Station

Here's the third station:
Jesus Falls the First Time
Third Station

Skipping ahead is Jesus Dies on the Cross: 
Twelfth Station

Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross: 
Thirteenth Station

And finally, the fourteenth station, Jesus is Laid in the Tomb:
Fourteenth Station

I appreciate the length of time Newman spent creating this series. I'd like to know the circumstances that caused Newman to take such a long time to make this moving collection.

Photographs of this collection don't do it justice. It has it's own large room at the NGA and the works are very large, measuring 78" x 59 15/16".

These works also capture the beauty of abstract art. Instead of meticulously painting out every scene from the Stations of the Cross, Newman has chosen to paint the abstract feelings of each scene. Since the Stations of the Cross are emotional, Newman has chosen to illustrate this feeling rather than the scenes themselves. 

View more of the Stations here

- Grace

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