Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Work

Hello All! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 
Mine was fabulous! 
We dog-sat an adorable dachshund named Lily which we were so sad to return to its owners on Sunday. 
As far as art goes, well, number one, one of my dining room chairs broke.

Rest in peace dining room chair.

Now I'm left with the obnoxious problem of a dining room table with 3 chairs and no dollars to buy a new set. I am also super duper picky about what I want for my DR. 

I got my current set at an estate sale years ago and loved the dramatic scroll arms. I also got it for a price I'd rather not disclose because it was so good I turn red just thinking of all the dough I saved. 

Now I am stuck with the dilemma of what to buy to replace it. Any ideas? I like farmhouse tables, but I think they are way too mainstream now. 

The second art-related thing I did this weekend was decorate Clementine's chalk bin. I used an old coffee can (the metal kind) and first painted it white. Then I free-hand cut open and closed circles and Mod Podge-d them on. To seal it, I sprayed it with polyurethane. 

What do you think? 



You better like it because now I'm in a full-fledged competition with the That's My Letter blog lady. That's one chalk bin I'm not embarrassed to have on my front porch all day and all night. 

See you Thursday!

- Grace

1 comment:

  1. That woman better watch out!

    Your chalk bin looks great.


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