Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fruits of My Labor

Now that we've moved to a bigger house I've begun to indulge again in a hobby I gave up when our old house got overcrowded - estate sale-ing! 

I've ALWAYS been a picker and a junk enthusiast and one of the special things about Chevy Chase, MD is the contents of these wonderful old homes going up for sale. 

This weekend I went to several yard sales and one bonanza of an estate sale in Chevy Chase (no, not the actor). Here's a pic of just one of the awesome items I found; a box of old cast iron and tin cars. 

This is just a selection of my favorite cars, but the box has about 18 cars as well as some farm animals and a couple of plastic planes. 

The collection was just so cute I couldn't resist. I'm hoping to resell it at a profit but my kids have had so much fun playing with all the mini cars it might be a hard collection to let go of.

- Grace

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