Monday, June 4, 2012

Quilted Land, Quilted Sky

Soft-Map of NYC by Haptic Lab

Maybe it's because I just spent a freezing cold five hours on an excessively air-conditioned bus back from Syracuse in rain-dampened clothes, but I couldn't stop thinking about the moment I'd be nestled in my own warm bed, wrapped up in a dry blanket. My thoughts also kept coming back to these beautiful quilts I'd seen last week. The Soft-Maps above and below are designed by Haptic Lab in Brooklyn, hand-stitched by certified fair labor partners in India, and will fit any full to king-sized bed. These also remind me a lot of the atlas for the blind post Grace shared last week. Very cool. 

NYC detail

Now turning our lens from the land to the sky, the next group of stunning intergalactic quilts are hand and machine quilted by the artist Jimmy McBride of Brooklyn, NY. 

M1 V2 (The Crab Nebula) and Detail, 87" x 78"

You can see more examples of Jimmy McBride's work on his website

Stay cozy, San Diego. 

- Cathleen 

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