Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting Put in My Place

Last weekend I stumbled upon a blog I had never heard of before that inspired me and made me feel totally inadequate. 

That's My Letter Blog can be found here

The author of the blog, Jaime Costiglio, calls her self a DIYer and she does not kid. The first few projects seemed harmless enough, a personalized caddy for kids.... until I realized she built the caddy herself. And when I say built I mean cut lumber and hammered the whole thing together. 

She also whipped up this amazing media center that looked like it was purchased from the pages of a catalog. 

Yeah, she built that. Not, pieces came in a box with instructions built, more like measured, cut wood, sanded, painted and THEN put this shizz together. And she's totally humble about her accomplishments! (I hate her already jk!)

Jaime is my new Martha Stewart- amazingly talented with the ability to put you in your place on a dime. 

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

- Grace

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