Monday, September 26, 2011

When Crabs Attack!

It's Show & Tell Time! Today I thought I'd post a phenomenal photo taken by my good friend Victor Mak while on one of his many tropical trips with my other good friend and his new wife, Andrea Ju. I first saw it in a vacation photo slideshow (one of my favorite things to do!) while hanging out over at their place and was completely stunned when it came on the screen. This picture has been my desktop wallpaper for the last few months and is probably one of the best photographs I've seen EVER. The colors are just incredible. I love the bright points of electric blue and slashes of hot red on the backs of those deep dark crab shells, and that juicy bubblegum pink of whatever it is they're ripping apart. It's like a gruesome taffy pull! And I want in!

- Cathleen

[Photo courtesy of Victor Mak]

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