Thursday, September 29, 2011

High Chair Drama

When I had my daughter Clementine in 2006, I struggled to find a high chair that didn't look like this:

I am by no means anti-plastic, but I am anti-uninspired design when it comes to living with a behemoth beast in the middle of my dining area everyday.

I ended up finding a traditional whitewashed high chair on eBay that I'm semi-pleased with. But now I'm seeing great designs and styles for high chairs everywhere! Where were my options in 2006? Was I just not paying attention?

I found this today: the Ova High Chair by Culdesac for Micuna.

So chic it's painful. 

And I still love the Tripp Trapp which was designed in 1972 by Peter Opsvik:

Image courtesy of Tripp Trapp.

Here's the Scandinavian Child Anka High Chair. A little cumbersome and not a fluid design, but I still appreciate it. You can buy it here for $179.

Here's the Scandinavian Child Svan High Chair which is a little more expensive at $279 and can be purchased here.

There are tons more cool ones out there. What's your favorite design-inspired high chair? Post the names in the comments section! I'd love to sigh with jealousy over them.



  1. We're too poor to buy brand new so we just yard sale or accept freebies ;) But if I had the resources, definitely this one!!

  2. We're actually in the market... Love the first on...

  3. I mean after the other one.. sheesh...


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