Friday, September 9, 2011

Sew Cool

A blast from the past! This picture was taken with my first fancy digital camera years ago on a trip down to DC to visit my bestie. To this day, it’s one of my favorite photos. I even printed it poster-size and hung it over the futon in my first apartment. I’m still not sure who snapped it—me or Grace—but she was definitely the one who spotted the perfect photo opp through the tailor’s window. We also took a pic of a trashcan full of rotting shrink-wrapped meat, but that’s another story for another time.

I recently spotted this beauty below on Pintrest and then tracked it down on Etsy (seller: misstitchery). Bad news: it sold. Good news? Whoever bought it, paid 68 bucks! Which means better newsI feel like you could totally make your own version for way cheaper. I also thought Grace might get a kick out of a new take on a pretty welcome wreath. Shout out!

I love scallops! From the sea AND as a fashionable trim! I found this tutorial for a REVERSABLE (that’s two! TWO skirts in one!) scalloped skirt on Bored and Crafty and if I ever find a free night, I will make one. (Or two?)

This one isn’t sewing-centric, exactly, but I definitely want to craft a couple of these for the fall. Leave it to Martha to transform something simple into a fresh, sophisticated look for all seasons. I’m thinking maybe a little magenta and navy blue. With perhaps a touch of gray? Oh yeah.

- Cathleen 

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