Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playing Cards with Marie Antoinette

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Marie Antoinette in 18th century France playing cards with Louis XVI. However today I came across a set of cards that makes me wanna pretend I'm me playing cards now!

La Plates has created this adorable set of chevron and monogrammed playing cards. For only $32 you can own your own set that will make you feel like the Marie Antoinette of 2011.

I think I'll have MA emblazed on my set.

PS- Who thinks Chevrons are going to be dead in the water in 6 months? I love Chevrons but I think they've tipped too far into mainstream design and will soon be hanging out with red coral and nickel hardware.



  1. don't you talk about my red coral like that!

  2. You know if I am aware of chevron then it is definitely going to be showing up in pottery barn at any minute. Sigh...I really like chevrons.


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