Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marble Run XL

As a kid I just loved Marble Run.

That's the one. However, marble run has gotten more sophisticated since the 1980s. My favorite contemporary set is one by Haba. 

I always want to buy it for my daughter, but it's a little too expensive for this art teacher's budget. 

Today I came across this though:

Yeah, I thought you'd like that. Amazing, right?! It's a marble run table titled "Marbelous" that I would use as a dining room table. Why not add some whimsy to your interior? 

The table can be found here and all pertinent information is listed on the website.  

So if you're feeling generous, you can have one shipped to my house as a gift!

And, of course, this beautiful video my friend Kait found of a life-sized marble run in the woods:

I never watch videos online, but this one is worth a look!

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