Friday, September 2, 2011


If there is one thing I'm always thinking about it's arrows. I love that when an arrow is shot it cuts through the air and hits its target piercing the object and getting right to its core.

This being said I am always on the look out for arrows- here are some of my finds.

I posted about this piece on my old blog- it's Napoleon Bonaparte's step-daughter Hortense's pocket watch. Amazing right? 

My friend Kait found this ring, it's cooper dipped in green rubber. I absolutely for the life of me cannot remember where this is from.

Arrow clothespins to help you get organized. Available through ShopTwine

An arrow pillow crafted by Coral and Tusk which Catie/Cathleen posted about on Monday. 

Beautiful vintage arrows which you can buy en mass on Etsy and eBay. These are from DolphinLady on Etsy.

And finally an arrow item I actually own- John Derian (whom I tried but failed to stalk once in NYC) has made a gorgeous glass plate decorated with a vintage looking arrow. I love this piece and had it hung on my wall for a long time but now use it to hold my everyday jewelry.

I'd love to see some great arrows you've found on your adventures.


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