Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Line: Fine Art & Craft

Since as recently as the mid-1500s fine art was placed higher than craft in the art hierarchy. This has been problematic and disrespectful to the intense labor and beauty that craft consists of. A bare bones definition to explain art is: something that is useless- without function, while the definition for craft has always been: something that is useful - something that has a function that may also happen to be beautiful. But this gets messy, take for instance Necklace designed and made by Tone Vigeland:

Using a strict matrix by which to judge this piece one would say it's craft, it's a necklace after all and can be worn. However here's the problem, it can't actually be worn. It's made of hand forged and flattened steel to ultimately achieve a feather-like look. Because of  its construction it loses its function. So, is it craft or fine art? Should there even be a distinction? Or should we simply allow craft to stand side-by-side with painting in the hierarchy of the arts? 

- Grace

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