Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let's Talk About Jeans

I hate jeans. Hate, hate, hate jeans! I find them stiff and uncomfortable. This is not a new occurrence, I have always hated jeans. For the most part I have always worn whatever "other" pant has been in style ie leggings or chinos. However sometimes you just gotta wear jeans! I have a ton of shirts that are too short to wear with leggings and that would just look best paired with a great jean.

I received an email in the mail from Madewell - owned by J.Crew (by the way, I did not know that until like a month ago). They say they have created an awesome comfortable jean and now I'm wondering... should I drop the $120 to try their jeans?

Please note, I don't look anything like this in jeans. Add about 20 lbs and a lot more "Mom" and you've got me.

So readers....thoughts? Have you tried Madewell's jeans before?

- Grace

1 comment:

  1. I haven't tried the Madewell Jeans, but I love the Stevie Slim Straight from Anthropologie. They are so comfortable, it's like I'm wearing sweatpants. I also prefer the straight, because true skinny jeans don't work for me. But Stevie does have a skinny jean.


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