Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Fungus Among Us

Part of our new routine these days is an early morning walk in the neighborhood. While wandering around, I noticed these amazing growths in someone's yard and thought for a second that they were purposely planted ornamental cabbages. But no! They are mushrooms! Maybe I've been living in a city too long, but I've never seen anything like them. I don't know a whole lot about identifying mushrooms, so my internet search has proved pretty fruitless. Is it a Chicken of the Woods? That doesn't seem quite right. Or perhaps a Giant Polypore? Might be it! Either way, it was such a nice surprise to stumble upon that morning so I thought I'd share. 

Of course it sparked an intense Etsy search for a proper identification print. This one is the stuff of my old school chart dreams. 

Vintage Botanical Mushroom Pull Down Chart

- Cathleen 

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