Thursday, October 18, 2012

Community Forklift

Yesterday I died and went to heaven, at least that's what it felt like. 
I went to a warehouse called The Community Forklift in Edmonston, MD (never heard of Edmonston by the way and I've lived in MD the vast majority of my life.) Community Forklift is a Goodwill for all things home related. People donate home items they no longer want and Community Forklift sells them. 

Photos from the CF website. 

This place had EVERYTHING! Front doors, interior doors, windows, shutters, architectural salvage, sinks, tubs, bricks, granite scraps, door knobs, tools, paint, wallpaper, lumber, lighting, fireplace mantles- I mean EVERYTHING. And the prices were insane! 

I bought these three door knobs for $10 each. Yes that's right I said $10! 

I recommend you check it out.


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  1. Beautiful! Next time you go, take me with you!


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