Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Artist of the Week: Elisa Werbler

I spied these prints pinned up in the hallowed halls of school last week and they literally stopped me in my tracks. Yes, I mean quite literally. I passed them, stopped, double-backed and took a good long look. I really wished I had my phone with me to take a picture. It would have lasted longer. But I committed the name posted next to the cluster of colorful images to memory and looked it up as soon as I got back to my desk: Elisa Werbler. The layered translucent colors and sharp edges of her prints are what really impressed me most
all effects rather difficult for any novice printmaker to achieve. Turns out Elisa also makes paintings, sculpture, furniture andwait for itAnthropologie window installations!! Her window displays are the stuff of repurposed material dreams! And her constructions have definitely made me stop to admire her handiwork on my walks around the city. You can see more of what she does on her website

Materials used: coffee filters, Cling Wrap, Q-tips, 
plastic spoons, cotton candy cones, wax, dye

- Cathleen 

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