Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What do Louis XIV and Paul Revere Have in Common: Part II

What do Louis XIV and Paul Revere have in common? 

The Edict of Nantes. 

Issued in 1598 by Henry IV of France this edict allowed Calvinist Protestants aka Huguenots  of France to stay and work in Catholic France. 

Louis XIV revoked this edict in 1685 causing the Huguenots to flee France and spread throughout Europe and some as far as the French colonies in America. 

Paul Revere's father- Apollos Rivoire fled France at age 13 and apprenticed for famed Boston silversmith John Coney. 

Paul Revere
Gilbert Stuart 

Many other Huguenots sought refuge in Protestant England and it was soon after that that English silver took a giant leap forward in innovation and style. The Huguenots brought with them their sophisticated silver techniques and the most current stylistic trends. 

Paul Revere Jr. 

Amazing the ramifications an edict can have and its far reaching effects. 

- Grace

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