Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Under This Moon

I know, I know. More moon stuff. But this! This beautiful necklace is just the thing! 

You provide the month, date, year and location where the auspicious occasion took place, and Lorena Martinez-Neustadt of Gemagenta will custom engrave the lunar phase from that day in sterling silver to celebrate your special event, with the date on the flip side. Not into necklaces? (What kind of monster are you?) It also comes in ring or charm bracelet form.

This would be an incredibly poignant and thoughtful gift to commemorate the night that you met each other, to mark the significance of becoming a new mother, or the moment that she set foot on this earth. (Hint hint.)

You can find this and more of Lorena's jewelry in her Etsy shop, Gemagenta

- Cathleen 

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