Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Dream To Build

One my of lifelong dreams is to either build my own home or to restore a historic home. I was thumbing through this month's issue of the Washingtonian and I was mesmerized by one of the homes the magazine featured.

All photos by Anice Hoachlander
Located in Potomac, Maryland (woot woot!) the Harkavy residence is located on one acre and is oriented to face away from the street and towards the woods. And that cool inverted roof? It collects rainwater. 

Architect: Robert M. Gurney 
Square Footage: 2,900

Love, love, love this house.

Also I happened upon this article and I thought I'd share it with you.


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  1. Grace, I love this... We are house hunting and we've mostly been looking for a colonial or capecod or a farmhouse, but one of the houses that we looked at was very modern and I said to P, "The modern houses always have more windows, more light, and better views of the woods. I've going to guess that the above house is out of our price range. ha!


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