Monday, July 1, 2013

Read Your Bookcase

We have just begun the packing process for our big move that is scheduled at the end of July. Right now we are in the accumulating boxes stage, hitting up area liquor stores and new neighbors in the building for their cardboard cast offs. First items to be wrestled into said boxes will be the books. Of which there are quite a lot! Going through our collection I have been reluctantly reminded of all the books I have accumulated over the years with the best of intentions to read every one. There are way too many that I was once SO excited to get into that still sit languishing on our dusty shelves. For shame. 

This wooden modular bookcase would be the perfect direct reminder to read what I sew. Read Your Bookcase was designed by Italian furniture company Saporiti and has seriously motivated me to shop my own shelves for a change. Seriously. What if I never bought a new book until all of the books I already owned had been read? I should just do it. Yes. I'M GOING TO DO IT!** 

- Cathleen 

**Disclaimer: Ok, I will absolutely refrain from purchasing any more new or used books for myself, but that does not preclude me from snagging a free book on a Park Slope stoop here and there or Christmas/birthday Amazon wish-listing. Because it's really HARD to come up with wish list stuff, you guys! Seriously. 

[Images via The Meta Picture and Selectism]

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