Friday, July 19, 2013

FEED for Target

Have you checked out the new FEED line at Target? Spokesperson and line designer Lauren Bush has helped Target promote this amazing line of charitable goods! 

Luckily since I live right outside of DC my Target is a hotspot for rich DCers so my branch always gets the cool lines that Target releases. 

I had a chance to check out the FEED line last night and the stuff was way cooler than I expected! 

The one item I REALLY REALLY wanted was this blanket: 

It was sold out of my store so I had to buy it online. I wanted the striped one but again, all out, so I settled on the red stripe. I'll let you know how it feels and looks when it arrives. 

Other items I liked: 

Didn't think twice about these cookie cutters until I saw them in person. So cute!

Love these melamine plates. $10 for a set of 4! 

And I love all the bags. I can't pick one I like the best: 

With these cute designs and affordable prices it makes it easy to help feed hungry families in America. Go FEED! 
Check out more of the line here


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