Friday, March 9, 2012

Week of the Arts Special Edition : Backpack to Art School

It's probably a little early (or late) for back to school talk, but in loosely keeping with this week's theme (They don't call me Catheme for nothing. OK, no one has actually ever called me that.), I wanted to introduce The Bag that I carry with me to and from art school everyday. I got this awesome backpack for Christmas from my dad and I L-O-V-E love it! 
It's got snaps! Adjustable straps! And it's big enough to hold my laptop (Mac), datebook (Moleskine, vertical orientation), keys (9 ...1 of which I cannot identify), wallet (Poketo!), iPod (also Apple), pen (black), two packs of gum (Peppermint & Peach/Mango), lip stuff (Aquaphor), breakfast + lunch containers (Containing Today: Yogurt & Berries + Beef Stew), and book (a copy of The Hunger Games that I am currently tearing through) ALL AT ONE TIME. Just LOOK at all this room: 

It was handmade by Eunice Han of HangaBag, my dad purchased it (with my mother's help) on Etsy for $76, and it has already improved the sorry state of my shoulders and back that have long cried out for a reprieve from the heavy ol' shoulder bags I used to favor. Yes, that's right, this bag has officially got my back!

- Cathleen 

[Photos courtesy of HangaBag because I can't find my camera anywhere.]

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