Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bust a Move

Antique Napoleon Bust, $175 from English Shop on Etsy

Nothing looks more ritzy or regal than a bust perched atop a mantlepiece or bookshelf. Here I've found some good-looking specimens that will surely class up any joint.

Antique Chopin Bust Music Box, $34 from Green Apple Workshop on Etsy

  Antique Plaster Bust, Probably Jesus, $45 from artyFactz on Etsy

1950s Spanish Flamenco Pair, $50 from Dixie Antiques on Etsy

Boy and Girl Resin Busts, $21 from Red River Antiques on Etsy

Lady Head Vase from Inarco, Japan, $125 from SeedWerks on Etsy

Another Lady Head Vase from National Potteries Co, Japan, $185 from Vintage Twice on Etsy

Those last two have big holes in their heads (not pictured), perfect for planting a bunch of juicy succulents or flowering cacti. You know, the usual thing you might find propped upon a lady's head.  

- Cathleen 

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