Friday, March 30, 2012

The ABCs of Art

A sign of the times.
Hand-Pulled Limited Edition American Sign Language Screen Print 
18"x 24", $19.95 from billycraven on Etsy

Thinking about investing in an alphabet poster for the future education of my future children who will hopefully one day exist in the future. Here are some I gathered on Etsy (big surprise!) that may not necessarily make that immediate alphabetical impact you'd normally want in a teaching aid for kids, but they'll sure look pretty while trying. 

Something modern for the traditional. 
Modern Alphabet Giclée Print
13"x 19", $20 from wondercloud on Etsy

Warning: May Contain Graphic Content
Image Alphabet Screen Print, Navy Ink on Gray Paper
19"x 25", $30 from Mira Elwell on Etsy

Pique the interest of even the pickiest eaters. 
Produce Abecedary Digital Print 
11"x 17", $18 from One Art Please on Etsy

Snowflakes made from Helvetica letters! And how!
Snowflake Typographic Art Poster
8"x 10", $16.50 from Stray Squirrels on Etsy

A flock, organized alphabetically
Bird Alphabet Poster
36"x 48", $50 from Smallwoods Studios on Etsy

 Which one do you like best?

- Cathleen 

1 comment:

  1. Huh... I guess in sign language, the rule for vowels is ALWAYS Y.

    Otherwise, the Y hand would have had a few pink fingers and a few orange fingers...


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