Friday, March 2, 2012

DIY: Bug Mugs

Continuing the theme of painting and tea this week, I bring you a short tutorial on painted bug mugs! I received a lovely pair of black and white flowered mugs for Christmas and thought it might be fun to jazz them up a bit. Naturally I thought, "Put a bug on it!"And so I did. The feisty praying mantis and the destructive Japanese beetle were my inspiration, but you could paint just about anything on just about any ceramic object you've got lying around the house that will fit inside an oven. 

What you'll need: 
• A ceramic mug!  (Or plate! Or bowl! Or cat figurine!)
• Porcelaine 150 Paint by Pebeo!  (I used Peacock Blue & Tourmaline Red!) 
• A paintbrush! (I used a round #2 watercolor brush!) 
• A cup of water!  (For cleaning your brushes between paint applications!)
• A wet paper towel!  (For wiping up any mistakes!)
• An oven!  (For baking your newly painted mug when all is set and done!)

Once you've painted your bug, or bird, or funky geometric shape upon your mug, clean your brushes well with soap and water, and allow the mug to dry for 24 hours before popping it into a 300 degree oven for 35 minutes. After it's out of the oven and cool to the touch, your mug will be ready to hold the hot beverage of your choice! And best of all! It's dishwasher safe! 

I really liked how this little guy turned out. 

Oh! I also added some colorful dots to the inside of the flowers 
by dipping the butt-end of my paintbrush in the paint and dabbing it wherever I fancied. 

Other helpful tips: 
• You can purchase Porcelaine 150 Paint by Pebeo at any craft or art supply store (they also make some great paints for glassware). 
• Before you bake and set your design, the paint can be wiped right off the surface of the ceramic leaving no trace behind. If you make a mistake, no one has to know! 

So fun the ceramics in my house better watch their backs or they might get painted on. Boom!

- Cathleen 

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