Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tea for Me!

Tea Rex, $14, Fred Flare

We're on a new beverage regimen in the McKeon-Cueto household: TEA. We've given up coffee cold turkey (Well, Micky has, valiantly. I still sneak a small cup here and there. Shhh) and replaced our regular morning jolt with the gentle nudge of hot tea. I'm drinking two, sometimes three cups of tea a day now. And it's great! Really! I appreciate all of the health benefits that tea has brought into my life, and a hot mug on a chilly afternoon around 2 or 3 can be just the thing you need to pick you up when you start dragging. But I'm starting to feel a little tea fatigue, I think. I have exhausted the regular old Earl Greys and Peppermint Greens available at our local grocer, and I'm thinking I might want to try mixing my own blend soon. I know, exciting stuff! With that in mind, I started investigating tea infusers that might make this whole endeavor even more fun. I know what you're thinking, what is more fun than concocting your own signature blend of tea?! Why, steeping that custom blend in a super cool steeper, OF COURSE! Here are some that I've found that have made deciding quite difficult: 

Tea Sub, $18, Fred Flare

Robot Tea Infuser, $12, Kikkerland

Tea to My Heart Infuser, Now $9.99(!), Fred Flare

Chrome Tea House Infuser with Caddy, $5, The Tea Corner

That last little gem is just like one my mom had when I was growing up, only once the automatic Mrs. Tea moved in, it was relegated to decorate the dusty windowsill over the kitchen sink. But now I feel a change is a-coming! Electric tea machines and soggy tea bags should tremble and beware: I think it is high (tea) time the infuser reclaimed it's rightful place in mugs and cups everywhere! 

- Cathleen

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