Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Artist of the Week: Faye Moorhouse

Forty Faces Print - 8/40, 10 GBP on Etsy

This week we bring you the work of UK artist and illustrator Faye Moorhouse: moody, expressive, and dark, with an edge of humor and whimsy. I like.

Mankini - Articulated Paper Doll Kit, 5 GBP on Etsy 

Arms for Dinner - Original Collage/Illustration, 75 GBP on Etsy

Grave Robber 001 - Original Illustration, 75 GBP on Etsy

Drawing from the Swimmers Series 

Illustration of Paralympic Oscar Pistorius 
surrounding the London 2012 Olympics

- Cathleen

[First four images via Faye's Etsy shop, Faye Moorhouse Illustration, last two via her website (]

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