Friday, February 17, 2012

Animal Vegetable or Mineral

Rocks and Minerals, A Golden Nature Guide
Published in 1957, $0.49 Used on Amazon

On the hunt for stones and gems to use in my jewelry class, I've come across a bunch of cool old rock and mineral illustrations through my internet space travels. I especially enjoy the look of the drawings from 50s and 60s guidebooks.

Illustration from Rocks and Minerals

Stones and Minerals by Valerie Swenson 
Published in 1955, $9.95 from SouthernBliss on Etsy

Information on Copper and Gold from Stones and Minerals

1897 Native American Print - Vintage Book Plate Illustration
7.5"x 11.25", $15 from Holcroft on Etsy 

Mineral Specimens Mens Tshirt from Haeckel Illustration (circa 1876)

To render something as boring as a rock so beautifully back then. Well, you can color me impressed. 

- Cathleen 

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