Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tiny Love

One of my greatest achievements was building this dollhouse. Excuse the crude photoit's old and I've since given it away. I was inspired to build the dollhouse because at the time I was working at the now closed Washington Dolls' House & Toy Museum in DC.
Here's my baby:

Cathleen just sent me this link to an article a woman wrote in the NY Times about her special love with her dollhouse. It's a cute article worth the read and the author includes lots of links to miniature suppliers.

To keep you inspired, here are some more images of other dollhouses I've come across:

This is Faith Bradford's dollhouse which is exhibited at the National Museum of American History. It's a blast to spend time visually going through all of the rooms.

Here's a slice of a dollhouse available through antique dealer Frederick P. Victoria & Son, Inc.

 A neoclassical-style dollhouse available through antiques dealer Hollywood at Home.

Another view.

Openready for you to decorate! 

A cool modern twist on the classic dollhousethe Bennett House available here. Price is listed as TBDthat can't mean affordable!

Actually a bird housethree stories high. I don't know where this is from. I found it on my computer and probably came across it years ago. Anyway you could display this in your house as a faux dollhouse. 

And finally a dollhouse cabinet for your own little doll baby. Available here.

I'll keep searching for cool dollhouses and will post them as I find them.




  1. I love these! the one that you made is so beautiful. It makes me want to make them too- and then I remember that I would just get totally stressed out. :)

  2. HAve you been to Once Upon a Child in Vienna? The whole back room is a doll house collectors dream... There are far more grown women than children back there and they also have very cool displays depending on the season..

  3. shoot. the store is called "Once Upon a Time"


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