Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daytripping in Kennebunkport

On our summer trip to Kennebunkport, Maine this year I happened across a new store called Daytrip Society Jr. that I became obsessed with. Here's their logo:

Loooove the graphic! I go nuts for a good graphic.

So here's the scenario. In the town of Kennebunkport, there is a Daytrip Society and a Daytrip Society Jr. The Jr. store is the one I shopped in that had kids' toys, books, and accessories. Here's a shot from their website of the inside of the store:

Awesome right? And behind the counter, they had vintage children's books for sale which I just love. I am extremely passionate about vintage children's books, so much so that I spent an inordinate amount of time in the Children's Rare Book Room at the Library of Congressthe security guard had to show me the way out.

Another cool thing about the Daytrip Society Jr. store was the ride-on-whale they had inside:

And of course, Clementine had to take a whirl on this baby.

So I recommend that if you're in Kennebunkport, you stop by this amazing inspirational store. And if you're not going to KBP anytime soon, at least head over to Daytrip Society Jr.'s website here.

- Grace

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