Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The World's Largest Photograph

 This is the largest photograph ever taken using the largest camera ever made.  It is 107 feet wide and 31 feet tall.  It is not just the largest photograph printed, but rather the exposure itself is that size.  Planned and executed by six artists and assistants- Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Jacques Garnier, Rob Johnson, Douglas McCulloh, and Clayton Spada.  They used an abandoned Air Force jet hangar as the camera by completely darkening the ceiling and walls and sealing off all light except one pinhole on the hangar door with only a quarter inch diameter.  They coated a giant piece of muslin in silver gelatin hallide to make it light sensitive and hung it on the opposite side of the hangar.

The exposure time was 35 minutes and what it captured was an old Marine air base in California.  After the exposure they needed to develop this massive photograph by washing it in an Olympic pool sized custom made tray filled with 600 gallons of developer and then 1200 gallons of fixer... Impressive.

Here is the photograph displayed in a California gallery. Or maybe this is a digital rendering because those people look fake.


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