Friday, January 25, 2013

Having My Cake

Petal Layer Cake, Ruffle Layer Cake, Banana Layer Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream
by Made from Scratch

Cakes have been on my mind recently due to an upcoming birthday and while Grace’s post on cakes is gorgeous, I’m not sure that my talent quite matches up to the level of artistry required.

Coconut Cream Cake
from Always with Butter

Lucky for me, Miss Moss’ beautiful cake round up the other day has given me some beautiful and (slightly) more attainable ideas. Now my only worry is that they might be overkill for a 5 year old’s birthday...

Pink Lime Cake with Cream and Coconut Cheese Frosting
from Call Me Cupcake

Blood Orange and Rosemary Cake
from What Katie Ate

Maybe I’m going a little overboard and my gorgeous cake will go unnoticed by small partygoers that will devour it regardless of how aesthetically appealing it is. In that case, I’ll leave you with a cake vision that can ONLY be enjoyed aesthetically. 

“Cake Window” by Wayne Thiebaud

Happy Weekend! 


  1. Awesome maiden post Alissa! Welcome to the team!

  2. Just when I thought this blog couldn't get any better!


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