Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Artwork of the Week: Milk

Milk. There really is nothing better. 
This wholesome illustration by Thomas Slater really speaks to me with its straightforward simplicity, and has inspired me to make a couple New Year's resolutions of my own: more milk drinking! But really, more healthy living in general. If pregnancy has taught me anything, it's that it isn't that hard to make the right choices. Having to do it for the little person growing inside me has certainly made it more compelling, but I should be doing this stuff for ME too. And I will!
Also! In the same vein, clearing away the clutter from my life. Yes, we need to make way for baby, but I once read somewhere that clutter causes stress and stress causes cancer (ah! found it!)an overly simplistic and rather alarmist view of things, I know, but it makes sense. These things I keep "just in case" are only weighing me down and it's time to GET RID! 
And more drawing this year! Slater's confident hand makes it look so easy. Why do I let myself get intimidated by a blank page when I could certainly turn out something as effortless and direct as this? Yes! Yes to all of these things! 
What are you resolving to do this year? 

- Cathleen 

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