Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Your Holiday Weakness?

I have a weakness for Christmas ornaments, more specifically for Jonathan Adler Christmas ornaments.

Every year Adler puts out a collection of the most design-inspiring Christmas ornaments. Adler's ornaments are fresh and unique and he manages to tickle my fancy every year (that sounded gross--- sorry).

This year his collection consists of three different design categories : the Circus collection, the Menagerie collection, and the Utopia collection. 

I have the Gorilla from last year's Menagerie collection which is no longer available. I love hanging this little guy on the tree---he is so cute, minimal, and beautiful. This year I've purchased these two ornaments as presents for Clementine and Teddy.

The Circus Mrs. Acrobat Ornament priced at $28. Outrageous price, but these ornaments are high-quality and like little pieces of art for your tree. 

I chose the Tight Rope walker for Clementine because last year at Nursery School they performed a circus for the parents and younger students and she was a tight rope walker. 

My darling Clementine as a tight rope walker, 2012. Photo credit: Brian J. Searby (my hubby!)

For Teddy I ordered the Circus Lion Ornament.

Also priced at $28. 

The problem with these amazing ornaments is that I want every single one, but the price is prohibitive. 

What do you think? Do you think Jonathan Adler has his finger on the button when it comes to ornaments or is there another designer who you think does it better? 

- Grace


  1. Grace, those are fantastic. I’ve been a little stumped over our special ornaments this year (my go-to Anthropologie is not too inspiring so far) and those Menagerie ones are adorable. I really want that Mermaid for one of the girls but I think we’d have WWIII if only one got a mermaid. Hmmm...

  2. Do a mermaid and the tight rope walker. - Grace

  3. These are wonderful!! I usually get myself one of the Li Bien hand painted glass ornaments (Pier 1 usually has them) but I may have branch out and get something new!


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