Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gobble Gobble Gobble

In honor of Thanksgiving this week, and in keeping with the spirit of sharing delicious, made-with-love meals with your family while learning what really goes into making grandma's famous turkey-shaped cheese ball, I bring you an introduction from one of my new favorite shows. My Grandmother's Ravioli on the Cooking Channel is Mo Rocca at his very best: cracking nudge-wink dad jokes while old people teach him how to cook their specialities. The best episode yet featured Jewish grandmother Ruth Teig showing Mo how to make (and properly pronounce) kreplach. She ate up every food pun Mo served and he relished all of her grandmotherly advice. The above clip is from an episode where Mo was schooled in scones and meatloaf from a benevolent Irish grandmother named Peggy Guiliano who clearly enjoyed taking the stuffing out of her assistant that day. The chef/sous chef interactions are adorable and the recipes are comfort food at its finest. If his program proves nothing else, it demonstrates without a doubt that old people love Mo Rocca and Mo Rocca loves old people. And I love Mo Rocca.

- Cathleen

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