Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beauty and Longevity

Finding toys for kids that have longevity is hard. 
Finding toys that are beautiful, have longevity, and you won’t be embarrassed to have lying around when guests drop by is even harder.

This toy isn’t new by any means, but it meets all the criteria.

Beautiful? Check.
Longevity? Check! 

I bought this probably four years ago under the guise of a gift for my daughter, but I really thought she wouldn’t like it. 
I was wrong. She not only liked this gift then, but she likes it still today as a 6-year-old. 
She doesn’t play with it everyday but she plays with it probably 4 times a year and anyone with kids can tell you that’s impressive. 
I love having this toy around and I think it will be cool to have to pass through our family for generations to come. 

MUJI New York City in a Bag can be purchased from multiple vendors, but this particular one is via MoMA. 

- Grace

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