Monday, November 21, 2011

Perpetual Calendars

Vintage 1960's New York Thruway Calendar, $28
from ElasVintageLiving on Etsy

A relic of old-time-y offices and banks where one might find themselves signing and dating documents and checks, my Grandpa Otey had one of these beauties on his desk when I was little. Except his was from Hawaii and I was forbidden to touch it. Because inevitably, I'd want to flip it to the next number, and the next number, then turn those alluring knobs on the sides, setting the whole month out of whack. And it was an antique! From Hawaii! So if I broke the thing, they wouldn't be able to easily replace it. But that was in the time before Ebay. And Etsy! The latter of which I have combed to find the coolest calendars this side of the continental US. Check it:

Vintage Red French Pencil Sharpener Calendar, $14.95
from MademoiselleChipotte on Etsy

Vintage Brass Calendar, $35
from Pickins on Etsy

Vintage Red & White Space Age Ball Calendar, $28
from 26olivestreet on Etsy

Mod Flip Calendar made in Hong Kong
w/ Tiny Drawers and Pen Caddy, $34
from RoomServiceVintage on Etsy

Vintage PASTA ITALIANA Calendar, $8
from RetroMagnetism on Etsy

The pasta calendar is far and away my FAVORITE! And is currently at the top of my Christmas list.


- Cathleen

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