Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Artist of the Week: Matt Stone

Morning Glory, 2010, 
cardboard, wood, polyurethane, polyurethane foam, 
pins, wood glue, saw dust, paper, spandex, denim dye, resin

Morning Glory Detail

Matt Stone is a sculptor whose spectacular work I have always admired.  Like an alchemist, he combines all manner of mundane materials—wood, cardboard, pins, resin, saw dust, glue—into work that visually explodes, technicolor and psychedelic. He is Dr. Frankenstein with a grow-your-own crystals kit from outer space. The sculptures have a hulking, arresting presence in any room they occupy. And yet when you are drawn in close to each one, slowly examining it from every side, you notice these incredible microcosms in all of its nooks and crannies, like a teeming underwater wonderland, frozen in time. One can see a delicate balance to each sculpture’s composition, a beautiful sensitivity within its various textures, but also a sharp edge—attractive and dangerous all at once. The work is truly breathtaking in person, something lucky New Yorkers can now see for themselves at Matt's exhibition that opened last night in The Hole on the Bowery in the NYC. For those of you nowhere near the area, you will have to settle for the (still fantastic) 2-D version here:

Tectonic, foam, paper, wood, steel, resin, 
polyurethane, pins, spandex, 90"x 30"x 30" 
Tectonic Detail

Deadly Night Shade, 2010, 
cardboard, polyurethane, polyurethane foam, 
pins, wood glue, saw dust, paper tape, 5'x 5'x 2.5'
Forbidden Fruit

Campfire, 2011, steel, glass, polyurethane foam, 21”x 20”x 15”

Cyclone, 2011,
esin, cardboard, polyurethane foam,
spandex, steel, wood. 67”x 15”x 16”
Cyclone Detail

- Cathleen 

[All photos courtesy of the artist's website.]

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