Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Design Always Repeats Itself: Lego Man Edition

So this Lego Man who "washed up" on the beach in Sarasota Florida has me thinking about another piece of art that showed up uncommissioned and unexpectedly and has been accepted as a piece of public art ever since.

Charging Bull created by Arturo Di Modica firmly planted itself in front of the NY Stock Exchange on December 15,1989. Now a symbol of American economic strength, Di Modica spent $360,000 of his own money, to cast, create and cart this piece of guerrilla art. After its installation police seized Charging Bull and put it in an impound lot. Huge public outcry and love for the bull caused the police to release it and install it two blocks south of the exchange where it still stands today.

Charging Bull is considered on-loan to the state of New York and is still in Di Modica's name as owner. 

Currently Lego Man is in police custody waiting for an owner to show up and claim him. I say we should all rally and have Lego Man permanently installed on the beaches of Sarasota. 


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