Friday, February 1, 2013

Who Wants to Get Cozy?

Backyard Cabin

Have you heard about the Tiny House movement? I just read about it in one of my (very) backlogged New Yorkers and I'm intrigued. Apparently, there is an entire movement, albeit small, of people opting to live in extremely diminished spaces.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Members of the Tiny House movement have varied motivation: some are passionate about the environment and wanted to reduce their living footprint, some are reacting against an overly consumerist culture, others want to live an unfettered lifestyle (most tiny houses are mounted on wheels and therefore mobile) and still others just want to save money. Personally, I like the idea of significantly less space to keep clean.

Fishing Cabin

I definitely prefer smaller, more intimate houses but this might be pushing it for even me.

Cavco Cabin

And yet, some of them look so warm and inviting that it makes me think it might be nice to be cuddled so close together with the people that you love. But maybe I’m just reacting to the frigid weather lately. Regardless, here’s to a cozy weekend whatever size house you spend it in!

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