Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OK, You Can Call it a Comeback: Epaulettes!

That fancy fringe up top is known as an epaulette, or "little shoulder" in French, an ornamental shoulder piece mainly worn on military uniforms that would identify a soldier's rank and also keep shoulder belts from slipping. I've seen some pretty cool updated versions around online and I've got to admit, I'm intrigued by these showy shoulder pads as the new! hip! accessory! Though I'm not sure I could confidently rock a pair myself yet. Until I work up the nerve, here are a few I've found that prove the throwback epaulette is making quite the fashion comeback.

Black Pleated Epaulettes by Vietto on Etsy, $45

Embroidered Commanders Epaulettes by Maranon Jewelry, sold out
(first featured on Swings & Arrows in September)

Crocheted Barnacles by Fnine on Etsy, $45

Shell Horn Shoulder Pads by mariaHandmade on Etsy, sold out

One-Shoulder Feather Epaulette by AutomaticDoll on Etsy, $24

- Cathleen

[First image from Oregon Shakespeare Festival]

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