Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ArtWORKS of the Week: Jim Darling

In light of many of us probably coming off the heels of some serious holiday traveling, I have somewhat of a timely post/cliched confession to make: I hate flying. Mainly it's because of the turbulence, though take off and landing aren't much of a picnic either. And if I'm assigned to a window seat, I pretty much keep the shades drawn the whole ride. No need to be reminded of the fact that I'm thousands of feet above ground with only the magic of aerodynamics keeping me from plummeting to my death. Despite all of this, however, I love the idea of these airplane window paintings by artist and illustrator Jim Darling. Each oil and aerosol painting on woodwork measures 11"x 14" and depicts a different point of view named for the seat number in which the artist sat. Each piece costs $650, some of which are still available for purchase on the Open Space Gallery website.

- Cathleen

[Images from the artist's website:]

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