Friday, April 27, 2012


Have you guys seen the "new" issue of domino magazine that hit stands last week? I put new in quotes because it's actually full of old photos and old content pulled directly from the old pages of old dominos. I know because I have saved and treasured every issue I ever bought of the once beloved-then shuttered-now resurrected(?) shelter magazine, lapping up their "inspiration for small spaces!" and "tips for organizing your clutter beautifully!" features, tagging all of my favorite things for future use when it came time to decorate my dream home. And because I have a pretty good visual memory for awesome stuff. So trust me, they have taken a bunch of old hats, shined them up as a "Special Edition!" and slapped a whopping $11 price tag on it so that the fans who weeped for its sudden loss years ago would come out in droves to snatch them up. And snatch them up they did. I went to THREE stores looking for it, only to be told it was sold out at every turn. So when I finally found it, I snatched up two copies (Ok, one was for my mom) only to discover that they were basically two copies of magazines I already own, still neatly displayed in the IKEA Expedit bookcase I bought for my first apartment after seeing it in domino years before. In some ways I get it. It's not like Conde Nast would go through the hassle of hiring a bunch of writers, photographers, and designers to come up with new content for a defunct magazine that will only be coming out in special editions probably twice a year. Nor would they bother to go to the trouble of trying to woo back the people who made it so great in the first place who have, of course, moved on to bigger and better things that are totally successful in this new age of the magazine (coughLonnycough cough). And while I do want to support the brand BECAUSE I REALLY WANT THEM TO BRING IT BACK! I was pretty disappointed to have paid so much (twice!) for their greatest hits. You've let me down again, publishing bigwigs. It's times like these when I wish these big companies would just ask me! I could tell them how to fix everything, how to make everyone happy, and how to get people buying their stuff again. (You hear me, Gap?) Annoyed sigh.

- Cathleen

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  1. So Not Happy! Still have all my old Dominoes too, and was looking forward to new installments. : (


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