Friday, December 9, 2011

Vesa Sammalisto

First and Foremost, Happy Birthday to the Bestie of all Besties! Catie! Who turns 31 today. We've known each other so long that I went to her 13th birthday and wore a REALLY wrinkly vest. Yeah, that was hot then. We have only one photo of that day and you can see me with some EPIC eyebrows and Catie with some crooked liquid eyeliner. It was a pretty fabulous birthday party.

So onto art.

Vesa Sammalisto is a Finnish illustrator working out of Berlin, Germany. He creates clean illustrations that are a pleasure to look at. Here are some of his alphabet illustrations:

I can't lie, I'm confused by the letter U. When in the heck did Santa have anything to do with the letter U? Also W makes me uncomfortable with all those veins. 

Moving on! Vesa also does illustrations for companies and their marketing needs. Here are a couple of my favorites (sans U Santas and veiny Ws).

Pretty cool.

Enjoy your weekend!


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